¿Why Helcesa? · Suppliers

The professionalism that a company offers its clients, who depend on that company for their own business, is a decisive quality when it comes to fulfilling commercial commitments.

Therefore, this supplier selection policy follows a few basic criteria of seriousness, commitment, quality, and excellent service.

HELCESA has managed to build a network of professionals as a result of this policy, and today works with the nation’s top suppliers of raw materials and other supplies.

To maintain service excellence, it also keeps its doors open to new contributors who are emerging as market leaders.

The raw materials we use in our production system are sourced from the leading and best-known manufacturers and distributors of stainless steel on the national scale.
The sheet and tube is primarily sourced from Europe, manufactured in Spanish and Italian foundries.
Our suppliers not only guarantee high levels of quality, but also provide certificates of the chemical composition of casting.
Each order received at our warehouse is properly identified, which facilitates internal traceability and management.

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